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How many winners will be in the golden member raffle?

3 winners.

What do I get if i win the golden member monthly raffle?

- First place will win a gift worth 400$ or more.
- Second place will receive NetAnime points worth 1 month of golden access
- Third place will receive NetAnime points worth 1 week of golden member access

Will Manga be added later to the website?

-Probably won't but if we ever decide to add it we will announce that.

How can the user ( me ) help?

- You can donate to us ( The donation button is in each members' profile ) therefore becoming a premium member, in return, this will help us grow our community and improve the website!

Why goto server isn't working?

- Some of goto links aren't working, we're are gonna try to figure out why but for now you can use a different server. Incase none of the servers are working make sure to inform us and we will fix it.